Saturday, June 26, 2010

A friend of mine on Facebook shared this and I thought it so good to reshare here. Thanks Phil.


From Phil Golden

A sweet simple request, so easy to be fullfilled. The difference between a beautiful smile and a sad frown all decided by a simple yes or no. I noticed intrepediation in her request to the point her normally vibrant voice had nearly fell to an inaudible whisper.

"Dad, can I have a cookie?"

It was this moment, clarit...y showered over me and 10 years passed before my eyes in a matter of seconds.

Sure it was only minutes before bed time. Yes, sugar just before bed is prohibited. But why. Why should I say no to this request when saying yes was just so very much within me. I believe the time will come in the near future that I will want to say yes to this best friend of mine, but be unable for one reason or another. And that sad frown will be before me. I dislike this frown most terribly.

Yes, sweetheart, Yes. Let's get you a cookie. Her joy was quite evident and so pure. Yes, sweetheart, Yes. Three letters arranged into one syllable carry with them so much emotion.

My only request was for her to sit on the tile portion of the floor as to not drop crumbs in the carpet. She with zero hesitation replied, "OK Dad." and as involuntary as our own heartbeat, I sat down next to her on the floor. I put her in my lap. And she ate her cookie.

The idea of missing this beautiful moment unfold sickens me as it was within my power to say No. All of this would have been lost in time forever gone. Sure, there will be more cookies in the future, but will they be so sweet? Probalby for my 2 year old daughter, yes... they will be as sweet. But for me, it was and will remain to be the sweetest cookie, I never ate.


What a great story! Thanks Phil!

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